How to Be Environmental Friendly

As environmental lawyers, we are committed to protecting our planet every day, but there are also smaller things outside of laws and regulations that we practice in order to help Mother Earth. Here are a few things we practice around the home and office that we encourage you to adapt as well: 

  • Skip Plastic. Whenever you can, use glass bottles, canvas shopping bags, and reusable snack bags.  
  • Switch to Eco-Friendly Products. These days it’s easy to find environmentally-approved versions of all you daily staples – laundry soap, shampoo, and even toilet paper! You can even buy nature-approved beauty products, like nail polish, make up, and lotions. Cleaning products specifically can be very toxic to the environment and to you, so make sure to check the labels for those that are natural and organic.  
  • Plant a Garden. Organic vegetables are the best for the environment and our bodies, but they may not always be the nicest to our wallets, unless you plant your own. Start a small garden in your backyard and try to make meals featuring those vegetables. It’s a great and tasty way to help the planet! 
  • Change your Commute. Both airplanes and cars release high levels of toxins into the air, so when you can, travel another way. Instead of driving to work, take public transportation, car pool with colleagues, or try riding your bike to work for extra exercise. For your next vacation, try staying a bit closer to home and exploring your own city or state.