Environmental Law At Work

Environmental Law At Work 

Our law firm takes on many cases each year that range in scope and subject. Sometimes we work with environmental groups or local businesses, but other times we work with individuals. That was the instance with one case that we worked on about a year ago.  

The plaintiff was an employee at a manufacturing plant that produces pharmaceuticals, and a machine malfunctioned that resulted in a spill of hazardous materials. This can happen from time to time, and to protect themselves, companies should have specific safety procedures and protocols put into place for cleanup and handling the situation. This includes an intensive training that is updated on a regular basis. The employee went to clean up the mess but did not use the proper tools and ended up with severe burn that kept him out of work for at least a week, which caused financial hardship.  

To handle this case, we worked with a personal injury law firm with extensive experience in fighting for individuals who have been physically harmed in unjust circumstances. Personal injury law firms, such as Hadley Law Firm, work with clients who have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, like in this case. We were able to argue that the company had lapsed in creating regular safety trainings and did not have the proper safety cleanup tools readily available. The court agreed with us and the company was ordered to pay for the employee’s medical bills and the salary he missed while on leave for his injury.